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Secret Movie Of False Security Camera

SeeU Intelligent Limited | Updated: Jan 29, 2016

After special night vision glasses, red wine. Some films, directors expect another trick to escape infrared detector alarm, that is hiding in the reflective film. The use of an infrared reflective film reflect back, so that the receiving means receives the infrared, it does not trigger an alarm. Hong Kong film "Aces Go Places 3" appears in this scene.

Under such a scenario, the reason: the film. Generally using infrared devices perform security. The infrared radiation is generally a group of two, one end is the transmitting side, one end of the receiver. When the object enters the infrared region, an infrared blocking or partially blocking, that alarm. So, even with reflective film, can really rebound the same way-ray detector issued, only the transmitting side reflected back to the transmitter, the receiver still can not receive the infrared, such a case, still alarm.

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