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Interpretation Ten Mistakes IP Video Surveillance

SeeU Intelligent Limited | Updated: Jan 29, 2016

Myth: DVR is the latest, best CCTV surveillance technology

Fact: It is widely believed DVR is the latest and best technology, many people also believe that DVR is an all-digital network technology, but it is not. Compared with the VCR, DVR has many advantages: no need to change the tape, stable image quality, fast search. However, the full analog cables, which can affect image quality, and they are quite expensive. IP surveillance DVR has all the advantages and additional features, including the following:

Scalability: IP surveillance cameras can increase the speed by a single camera to thousands of cameras. The DVR is different is that it does not appear 16 surge, IP monitoring can always provide a variety of frame rates for all types of cameras, and unlimited;

Cheap architecture: Most devices are connected by twisted pair, therefore, if the use of IP infrastructure no additional wiring (CCTV installations in a larger spending), and manages data, video, audio and other files, efficient, low-cost management;

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