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Monitoring equipment, anti-lightning and the lightning invasion wave

SeeU Intelligent Limited | Updated: Jan 29, 2016

Lightning 4.3.1 camera: camera into rotating camera and fixed cameras, each camera to the front end by the sub-room under the eaves Optical overhead wiring, etc., the shortest length of 30 meters, up to 700 meters. Apart from a few cameras located in outdoor, indoor corridors and distributed in most offices. Wherein the rotating camera to the sub-room wiring including video coaxial cable, power lines, signal control lines three lines, fixed camera to the sub-room wiring including video coaxial cable, power lines two lines. To ensure that the camera and the Optical connected thereto, power supplies, signal control equipment safety device in addition to taking effective and reliable grounding measures, protection must be installed spd, which focus on the protection of outdoor cameras and isolated room equipment connected thereto.

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